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About Enana Group

ENANA DANCE THEATRE offers a creative bridge between Mythology and History; between the Present and the Future.


The name of ENANA takes us back to the ancient Mesopotamian Goddess Inanna, associated with Love, Beauty and Power of Creation. She is also known as the River of Life that travels on the waters and saves mankind.


Enana Dance Theatre was founded in 1998 and since then has presented the History and Heritage of the Middle East through exciting stories, amazing scenography, incendiary music, and most of all, through the power of dance.


Just like Goddess of Love, ENANA travels from country to country, bringing people of different cultures and religions together through Love of the Theatre and Performing Arts.
Founded in one of the oldest cities in the World, Damascus, the Theatre has traveled all around the world and is now based in one of the most developed cities in the world, Dubai.


Enana Dance Theatre has always reflected society and its achievements. In the modern world, you can’t imagine an ENANA performance without the use of the latest technology.
3D mapping, fantastic lighting and vivid music immerses the audience in ancient times, takes them into the future, and effortlessly transports people to exotic locations from all over the world, which makes our performances unique and unforgettable.


Enana Dance Theatre has performed in the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, China, India, the UAE, KSA, Turkey, Egypt, Tunis, Morocco, the Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Algeria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan and Syria.
Viewers in each country have always fallen in love with ENANA and are always excited to have our performances return to their city.


2000 – “Sham Obsessions 880”, performance that
made ENANA famous
2001 – “Sons of the Sun”
2002 – “Queens of the Glory”
2003 – “Julia Dumna”, bestseller of the ENANA
2004 – “Zanobia, Queen of the East”
2005 – “Rawahel, Arabian Adventures”
2006 – “Sinbad, Prince of the Seas”
2007 – “Queen Deyfa Khatoun”
2008 – “Hawk of Qurash”
2009 – “Saladin”
2010 – “House of Wisdom”


  • Pre-production (planning, scripting & storyboarding, copyrighted music, original costumes & scenography, casting & choreography, etc.)
  • Production (the actual performance, shooting & recording)
  • Post-production (everything between production and creating the final master copy)
  • Performing of existing shows from Enana Repertoire