Enana Dance Competition

General Information

– Enana International Dance Competition is opened to the students of all nationalities who are residence in GCC countries aged 8 – 18 years old.

– The competition is going to be held on January 5th – 6th, 2018 in Enana ballet Dubai main studio.

– Participation fee is 360AED for the two days event. Only in classical ballet category, there is a package of preparatory workshop by Enana ballet advanced teachers (December 24th – January 4th) and two days event for 500 AED. (Details for the workshop are on separate page 6.)

– The competition is opened for classical and contemporary categories. Boys and girls are combined in the same group
and will be only divided by ages.

– Participant’s age for the competitions is strictly determined as of December 1st, 2017.

– Participant may register the competition representing school or individually.

– Dancers may select any classical variations with proper ballet technique that suit to their ability. Although the character of the variation is expected to be maintained.

– Music for Division 1(classical ballet) : 8 – 10 years old has to be within 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

– Music for Division 2(classical ballet) : 11 – 13 years old and Division 3(classical ballet) : 14 – 18 years old have to be within 3 minutes.

– Music for the contemporary dance should be within 3 minutes.

– Acceptance is first come first served basis.

– Video submission is required at the time of registration.

– As the result of video submission for classical ballet category, we may advise the dancers to attend the preparatory workshop (December 24th – January 4th) in order to participate the competition.

– Both for master class and presentation of variation, dancers are required to wear their own choice of leotard and pink ballet tights. Wrap skirts are optional.

– For the contemporary category, dancers are required to wear leotard and tights or fitted dance wear.

– For division 1(classical ballet), age 8 – 10 years old participants are required to wear soft ballet shoes only.

– For division 2(classical ballet), age 11 -13 years old participants have choice to wear soft ballet shoes or pointe shoes. This does not reflect on their scores. This has to be strictly matched to the student’s’ technique.

– All participants are required to attend two days event.

– We accept one teacher per student to observe the master class and the presentation. No parents are allowed to watch the sessions on Day 1.

– Parents and teachers are welcome to attend Day 2 event.

– Due to the limited waiting area, all parents are advised to drop their children at the designated area and leave the reception area on Day 1.

– Studio information – dimension 10m x 8.1m, floor material – wood

– Enana ballet reserves the right to make all the photographs and video recordings at any time during the event.

– Enana ballet reserves the right to use the prize winner photographs from the photo shooting for advertising purpose.